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Hotelga returns revamped: AHT and FEHGRA select Messe Frankfurt Argentina as the new organizer

16 Nov 2023

The annual meeting of the hotel and gastronomy sector will take place in August 2024, from the 28th to the 30th at the La Rural Trade Center, in the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

On Thursday, November 16, the Hotel and Gastronomic Business Federation of Argentina (FEHGRA) and the Association of Tourism Hotels of Argentina (AHT) signed an agreement with Messe Frankfurt Argentina, appointing them as the organizers and producers of Hotelga's next edition. The exhibition returns with a renewed agenda packed with activities, talks, and conferences that will enable professional updating and the discovery of the latest industry news.

Hotelga, the premier annual business gathering for hotel and gastronomy management, offers a platform to find products, services, and industry innovations to aid in decision-making for future purchases and investments. Starting from the next edition, Messe Frankfurt Argentina will be actively involved in organizing the event.

This renewed proposal will showcase the latest trends in gastronomy and hospitality. Industry experts will share their expertise, covering everything from hotel management technology to emerging culinary trends shaping the industry's future. Sustainability and innovation will be the overarching themes, making this trade fair a guiding light for the future.

Hotelga 2024 will also feature the 8th edition of the Federal Chefs Tournament, with representatives from across the country, and the 11th Sustainable Hospitality Contest involving accommodations from Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay.

Present at the agreement signing were FEHGRA President Fernando Desbots, AHT President Gabriela Ferrucci, President and CEO of Messe Frankfurt Argentina Fernando Gorbarán, and Executive Board Member of Messe Frankfurt GmbH Detlef Braun. In this way, Hotelga becomes a part of Messe Frankfurt Argentina's exhibition portfolio, celebrating 20 years in the country as a leader in the meetings tourism market.

"The selection of Messe Frankfurt Argentina as the organizer is part of Hotelga's renewal," said AHT President Gabriela Ferrucci. "In collaboration with FEHGRA, we want to propel the trade fair to new heights in technological innovation and products, considering design and experiences, while supporting sustainability as one of the
transversal axes of this meeting."

FEHGRA President Fernando Desbots added, "Hotelga is a comprehensive platform providing valuable resources to help hotel and gastronomy entrepreneurs and professionals excel in a dynamic and competitive market—one of the most powerful and resilient in the global economy, generating a large number of jobs. As an entity representing over 84,000 companies in 57 associated entities, we strive to be at the forefront and promote exchange spaces that encourage business updating, anticipate scenarios, and provide decision-making tools. It is an honor to be joined by Messe Frankfurt, a company that has expanded its global reach to become one of the largest organizers of professional exhibitions in the world."

"We are happy to include Hotelga in our events portfolio," said Fernando Gorbarán, President and CEO of Messe Frankfurt Argentina. "Our continuous work in the meetings tourism sector generates a close connection with this industry as we collaborate closely with gastronomy and hotel providers. We believe that, together with AHT and FEHGRA, we can enhance the growth and professionalization of this industry."

Detlef Braun, board member of Messe Frankfurt GmbH, said, "It is an excellent way to celebrate the 20 years of the Messe Frankfurt subsidiary in Argentina, incorporating a prestigious event and working together with the associated chambers."

Hotelga offers the opportunity to explore the best solutions in equipment, products, services, innovation, sustainability, and technology. It serves as a suitable platform to generate and strengthen lasting business relationships, participate in conferences, and receive training.

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