The event that connects the hospitality and gastronomy industry

Exhibition of Trends and Innovations for Hospitality and Gastronomy

News, product launches, latest trends, and the target audience that your company needs to position itself in the market; all of this awaits you at the Hospitality and Gastronomy event.

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Date? 28 – 30 August, 2024
Where? La Rural Trade Center , Buenos Aires
Opening hours?   Wednesday to Friday from 1 PM to 8 PM

Hotelga is an exclusive event for businesspeople and professionals in the hotel, gastronomy, and tourism sectors. Entry is free of charge. To register, you must prove your affiliation with the industry.

Entry is not allowed for those under 18 years old, even if accompanied by an adult.

The organizers reserve the right to admission and attendance.

With 17 years of history, Hotelga is an event organized by the Hotel and Gastronomy Business Federation of Argentina (FEHGRA) and the Association of Tourism Hotels of Argentina (AHT). Messe Frankfurt Argentina joined the organizing committee in 2023 to propose a renewed Hotelga, driven by a rebranding process that includes the relaunch of the brand image.

The new image aligns with the redesign and concept of an event deeply rooted in innovation, training, and the promotion of contacts to foster new business agreements, and with sustainability as a key principle that defines new business models throughout the entire value chain of the HORECA sector.

Enhancing the customer experience is the primary goal of the new Hotelga: times change, and so do the audience's evolving needs and expectations. Transformation is crucial in maintaining leadership and promoting sustainable development in the sector.

Discover the most outstanding activities at Hotelga 2024

Sustainability as a Strategic Value

simply sustainable

Sustainable development entails the responsible use of current resources without compromising those of future generations. The contemporary commitment to sustainability is a pivotal factor that reshapes the business landscape across the entire value chain. It encompasses all human processes—social, educational, cultural, economic, and more—that, in an environment of fairness and global perspective, seek the development and equitable well-being of individuals while safeguarding the environment. AHT and FEHGRA advocate for these values throughout the Horeca sector.

Driven by his vision of sustainable business practices,in 2023 AHT celebrated a decade of championing the "Greener Hotels" initiative. This competition promotes innovation and environmental management as an opportunity for improvement in the hospitality industry, and a differentiating factor in the tourism market.

In alignment with this commitment, both associations have welcomed Messe Frankfurt into Hotelga's organization.

Messe Frankfurt has made sustainability a guiding principle ingrained in its corporate culture by signing the Net Zero Carbon Events Pledge, demonstrating its commitment to driving sustainable development in the international events sector. A member of the UN Global Compact since 2010, Messe Frankfurt stands as the first German trade-fair company to subscribe to the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact and is actively working to ensure their adherence.

Hotelga's Contribution to the Value Chain

  • Develop a specific agenda for each professional profile and segment within the HORECA industry.
  • Strengthen market segments.
  • Promote developments, innovations, new products, and technologies.
  • Promote services, and provide training to the audience through live demonstrations on product usage.
  • Enhance the identity of hospitality and gastronomy, showcasing their virtues.

How Hotelga helps your company:

  • Provides a global overview of the market
  • Offers first-hand, up-to-date sector information
  • Presents the latest trends
  • Boosts your company's positioning
  • Fosters connections with colleagues and current or potential clients
  • Encourages commercial exchange and the generation of new business
  • Promotes professional development through technical conferences and product demonstrations

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Sponsor Bronce

Unilever Food Solutions joins us at Hotelga 2024!


Sponsor Bronce

Unilever Pro joins us at Hotelga 2024!

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Grupo Ceta joins us at Hotelga 2024!

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