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Sustainable Hospitality Contest

The Sustainable Hospitality Contest acknowledges and awards tourist accommodations and the most innovative ideas that integrate sustainability principles across the entire value chain of the regional hotel industry.

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The initiative, with 11 years of history, emerged as an opening to the community of the Greener Hotels Program, promoted by AHT in 2011.

The contest is open to tourist accommodations and undergraduate students in tourism-related fields. In this edition, the contest is open to Argentina, Uruguay, and Paraguay participants.

However, it's not just about acknowledging hotel initiatives. The contest also welcomes entries from universities, research centers, associations, foundations, companies that supply goods or services to the hotel sector, companies providing sustainability-focused instruments, and individuals with ties or experience in the hospitality industry.



The contest seeks to promote innovation and sustainable management practices in the hotel industry, recognizing sustainability across its various dimensions.

Its goal is to disseminate and reward best practices and management models that contribute to the balance between tourism, environmental respect, the development of local economies and destinations, and socio-cultural diversity and inclusivity within the hotel sector.

Directed at accommodations that wish to showcase the positive initiatives they have implemented through a motivating and inspiring story. It will be narrated through a video and voted on social media.

Participation guidelines

Aimed at students who present works applicable to the hotel industry that consider environmental and social sustainability criteria, as well as potential communication actions.

Participation guidelines

Recognizing the fundamental importance of ensuring all individuals can access tourism experiences regardless of their traits, thoughts, and values, a new category will be introduced. This category is aimed at establishments in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay that want to showcase their inspiring and motivating actions promoting inclusion. Winners will have the opportunity to present their actions at the Contest's Grand Final and receive recognition for their work and efforts.

Participation guidelines


In the first stage, applicants pre-register and submit their projects for the contest. Next, the evaluation phase commences under the supervision of the Greener Hotels technical team.

For the "Actions that Create Stories" and "Innovative Ideas" categories, three finalists—one from each participating country—will be selected. These finalists will receive assistance in producing specific videos, which will then be shared through Greener Hotels' social media platforms for online voting. 

Following the release of the finalists' videos, the Grand Final will take place. During this stage, a panel of distinguished figures from the local and international hotel and tourism industries will determine the winners of each category.

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